NCATA Scholarship Winner

Eric N. Godwin
NCATA Scholarship

North Carolina Agriculture
Teacher Scholarship

When I began my career in Agricultural Education in 2011 my Agriculture teacher, Mr. Jolly, expressed to me the need to be a member of the North Carolina Agriculture Teachers Association (NCATA). With not knowing what to do, Mr. Jolly led me to the table to pay my membership dues. As a beginning teacher, it is hard to manage transitioning into a new lifestyle with moving, purchasing classroom supplies, as well as paying your own bills! This scholarship is to ease that burden.

The purpose of this scholarship is to support a beginning North Carolina Agriculture Teacher and encourage them to be involved in their professional teacher’s organization. The NCATA provided so many leadership and networking opportunities for me and it is my hope it will do the same to other young agriculture teachers.

To be eligible for the scholarship, you must pay your first year NCATA membership dues and complete the scholarship application as a second year Agricultural Educator. The completed application is then submitted to the NCATA Executive Director by the appropriate deadline.